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INCORPORATING – Not sure of what entity to file your business under? Rather it’s a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, S-Corporation or C-Corporation the type of business along with your financial situation will determine which entity to use for a new business. Our advisors show you the tax consequences of each business entity type, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in taxes. Our corporate specialist can then complete the corporate paperwork for your new business, check business name availability for the state you plan to incorporate the business and obtain an EIN which is required by the IRS for every business entity.

TAX PLANNING We know taxes can be confusing. How much income you earn is not as nearly important as how much income you keep. Therefore, profitable entrepreneurs think tax plans are a necessity for a new business. Our in-house accountants will help you better understand the direction your business should be going while at the same time ensuring you are not missing any possible benefits the government is offering.

BOOKKEEPING SERVICES – Do you have trouble keeping good records? If so, we can help. Proper documentation of business expenses and transactions are required by the IRS in order to take advantage of the numerous deductions available to business owners. Proper documentation will also protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. With our proprietary bookkeeping system, we will help you stay organized and efficient all year long and have the financial tools you need to make better business decisions based on facts and figures. You’ll know exactly where your money is being spent and how much revenue you are generating. We can either show you the ropes or you can send us all your documents each month to do the leg work for you.

BUSINESS & PERSONAL TAX SERVICES – We not only provide Tax advise we can prepare your taxes too. Our Business & Personal Tax services are designed to meet your tax compliance and advisory needs, wherever in the country you’re located! Our tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service by building a sustainable tax strategy based on technical knowledge, combined with practical, commercial and industry knowledge.

SMALL BUSINES CREDIT – Once you set up your business entity you will need to work on establishing business credit. Most new entrepreneur do not know where to start.  A major problem for small businesses is lack of capital needed to keep their business growing strong. There’s a lot to know before you begin to apply for business credit, so we invested the time and resources necessary to develop a small business credit program that utilizes industry requirements, news and statistics to create a business credit profile for business owners successfully the first time.

BUSINESS PLANNING – Need help with your business plan? We got you covered. Every new business must have a solid statement of purpose including an outline of how to fulfill a desired purpose and destination based on their mission. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs, investors and funding sources think business plans are a necessity for growth in the business to obtain contacts, credit and funding. Our in-house business plan analysts will help you better understand the direction your business should be going. We also provide each business plan with financial forecasting and marketing analysis to help secure a path to success. This way you can better understand where you are and more importantly where you are going


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